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Surviving COVID-19 | Lattes on Location

Surviving COVID-19 with a Mobile Coffee Bar Business

I know everybody is saying how much this year sucks.

I’m reluctant to label it that way, because, although it has a lot of downsides (with lower lows than can be measured) there are so many bright sides to it!

We have definitely been one of those businesses that were impacted by the quarantine. Being an events-based business that also runs a coffee shop in a church – as you can imagine, much of our regular income went on hiatus.

We had 31 events in January and 30 events in February, not counting the coffee shop business in Northplace Church. In March and April, we had three events each. May started to pick up (ten espresso bars) with some outdoor pop-up shop style connection events. Two were with Primrose Schools, three were with Apartment Life teams, and a couple of corporate comebacks, as well as a couple of hospitals.

Those outdoor events were lovely, the best time of year for social distancing under the cool Texas sky. Perfect temps will happen again in, I don’t know, October?

Overcoming the Challenge of Serving in the Texas Heat

Lattes on Location | Serving Outside

Being outside serving in the heat can cause “technical” difficulties when you are making espresso. Humidity will change the consistency of the beans coming through the grinder and the way the espresso is pulled from the espresso machine. It makes the calibration process (adjusting the grind and the tamping of the ground beans) an ongoing process during an event. We do this to make sure the coffee consistently tastes its best.

Making Coffee out of Beans (Not Lemons!)

But the change in schedule also brought a new shift to Lattes On Location’s social presence, by allowing me the opportunity to start a regular Latte Lady Live event on Facebook and IGTV. I go live on Fridays at 10 a.m!

Join us for one of our REGULAR live events on social media!


  • They are short! 15 minutes or less!
  • We are showing different ways to brew good coffee at home.
  • Hear about coffee trends and what I think of them.
  • We feature a different Texas Roaster once a month, teaming up with Texas Coffee Club! (Awesome coffee subscription service)
  • Giveaways once a month (who doesn’t love a good giveaway?)
  • Coffee shop reviews live once a month.
  • Occasional guests, just last month DJ Chris spun tunes while I did latte art.

What would you like to see? Do you have coffee questions I can help you with? DFW Coffee shops I should review and promote? Leave us a comment here or reach out on Facebook or Instagram.

Guess what we are up to this month? Graduation parties every weekend!

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