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Home Brew Methods for Coffee

Home Brew Methods; There’s One For Everyone

This is our coffee bar at home.

I had a fun post last year when the world shut down on @thelattelady on Instagram. It started with the photo above and the question; how many brew methods do you spot in this picture?

It doesn’t usually display ALL the brew methods we own. But I thought it would be fun to explore them, especially since on April 16th, 2020, when I posted this, coffee shops were shut down.

But the world still needed coffee! With no access to coffee cups, that means making your own …

So how do you know the right home brew method for you? Did you even realize the variety of choices you have?

What might Impact your Home Brew Method of Choice?

Taste / Quality Preference

I have become very particular with the way my coffee tastes. I drink my drip coffee black, so it has to be good. That has a lot to do with the bean.

But the brew method of that bean impacts the overall flavor and body of the drink as well. Personally, I prefer filtered, single-origin coffee on a typical day. Occasionally, I like a hot french press (non-filtered) cup of coffee.


You will notice there is no pod brewer in my collection. I just can’t get the depth of flavor I love in my coffee in a brew that comes out in 60 seconds (except with an Aeropress). But multitudes choose the Keurig for its convenience. It wins over quality because…it’s convenient! No judgment here. Convenience plays into my routine as well.

My Daily Brew Method of Choice?

This Behmor. This precious, programmable drip-coffee machine is my daily routine.

I have an older model, but Behmor now has a SMART option … you can literally ask Alexa to start your coffee. Will this be my next step toward automation? Maybe!!

Every night I grind my coffee and schedule it to start 5 minutes before we emerge for the day.

I look forward to waking up to freshly brewed, hot aromatic coffee every day.

My convenient homebrew method of choice is the Behmor.
My convenient homebrew method of choice is the Behmor.

What are other Convenient Brew Methods?

Aeropress Home Brew Method
Aeropress Home Brew Method

The Aeropress

The Aeropress is quick, but you have to concentrate on the timing. Not a lot. It makes one to three cups at a time. For a short brew guide check out Eiland Coffee and get the scoop from Zach. It’s simple once you get the hang of it, and easier to clean than a french press.

French Press Home Brew Method
French Press Home Brew Method

The French Press

The French Press takes longer but has less involvement. You can also make more coffee, depending on the size of the press you have. One advantage is that you can turn on your kettle, grind your coffee, and put on your makeup (or whatever….) while it steeps. This is a non-filtered method, meaning your coffee doesn’t go through more than a mesh screen, so you are going to taste and feel some of the oils that are naturally in the brew. It’s not unpleasant, some people prefer that depth of texture and flavor. Watch my French Press tutorial for details.

Clever Homebrew Coffee Method
Clever Homebrew Coffee Method

The Clever

Obviously, from the picture, you can see that I could use an update. Coffee stains, people. This Clever dripper has been around for a while. This is another immersion method but combines easy to clean with very little managing. Set it and forget it….until the timer goes off! Measure your coffee, grind it, put it in the rinsed filter with the clever, and set the timer. When it’s ready, put it in your cup. The Clever is especially good when you need one cup to go, and you don’t have a bunch of time. You don’t need a Keurig when you have a Clever with freshly ground coffee!

Other Important Factors for the Perfect Coffee Brew

Get yourself a Burr grinder like the Baratza Encore (avoid blades, they grind inconsistently), if you don’t have one yet. Whatever home brew method you use, nothing will improve it more than grinding fresh, locally roasted beans shortly before you brew!

I recommend buying local coffee! Dallas, where I am, has many very excellent coffee roasters. We use Eiland Coffee Roasters primarily but other favorites in DFW are Cultivar Coffee Bar & Roaster, Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters, and Book Club Coffee. Explore and support local roasters; your community appreciates it and your coffee mug will too.

Once you get the grinder and a scale for measuring, experiement with the brewing system that works best for your budget, your convenience, and your taste!

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
Ade Scale
Ade Scale
Siphon Home Brew Method
Siphon Home Brew Method

Discover What Home Brew Method Works Best for You!

I haven’t gone through all the brewing methods, mostly the convenient ones! I think the Siphon is one of the best ways to bring out notes and flavors in your coffee that you don’t get on a straight-up immersion or drip method.

But it’s like a science experiment: fun, a little messy, and not something I would want to do before I’ve even had coffee to drink. Kind of a fun, Saturday afternoon experience! I haven’t created a brewing tutorial for this yet, but here’s a great one from Blue Bottle Coffee: Siphon Preparation Guide. Another classic coffee provider with seasonal blends, though not a local coffee roaster.

I Would Love to Hear From You!

  • How do you brew your coffee at home?
  • Is there anything I can help you with?

I hope you are staying well and caffeinated. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @thelattelady to see future videos and tutorials.


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