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Working from home? Get coffee delivered to your door!


Working from home is more popular than ever before. If you’re making your own cup of joe every day, don’t accept any old coffee leftover on the shelf of your grocery store. Support a local business and get that premium flavor you love in every cup. Order your supply of gourmet coffee beans directly from Lattes on Location and have them delivered straight to your door!

Our Collection of Gourmet Coffee Beans


We have many different flavors of coffee available for delivery to your home. Choose coffee that ranges from Honeydew Melon to Dark Cherry Chocolate notes. We also have different grinding options depending on your personal brewing preference!

Brazil Condado
$16 | 16 oz
Pulped Natural Process
Butterscotch Aroma
Toffee & Walnuts
Smooth Body
Bittersweet Finish

Costa Rica La Magnolia –
$17 | 16 oz
Swiss Water Process
Chocolate Aroma
Dark Cherry
Pecan Praline
Creamy Body
Purples Grape Acidity

Espresso X Blend
$15 | 16 oz
Rock Sugar Candy Aroma
Balance of Sweetness & Acidity
Milk Chocolate Finish
Pairs Beautifully with Steamed Milk

Costa Rica El Conquistador
$16 | 16 oz
Washed Process
Glazed Walnuts
Green Apple Acidity
Chocolate Malt Finish
Medium Body

Espresso Delicato Blend
$15 | 16 oz
Cocoa & Roasted Nuts
Assertive & Robust
Rich & Heavy Body
Good Balance with Steamed Milk

Kenya Kigutha
$18 | 16 oz
Washed Process
Blueberry Aroma
Honeydew Melon
Syrupy Body
Orange Acidity

Kenya Kiriga –
Exclusive Roast

$20 | 16 oz
Washed Process
Orange Blossom Aroma
Tangerine & Grape
Round Body
Pink Peppercorn Finish

Green Room Blend
$16 | 16 oz
Washed Process
Intense Body
Clean Finish
Raw Sugar Sweetness

Papua New Guinea Arakara
$17 | 16 oz
Washed Process
Warming Spices
Pecan, Fig
Velvety Body
Lingering Finish

Eiland Blend
$17 | 16 oz
Washed Process
Caramelized Sugar Notes
Deep & Earthy
Full Body
Low Acidity

Rwanda Cyimbili
$18 | 16 oz
Washed Process
Subtle Caramel Creme
Riesling Grape Acidity
Slick Body

China Yunnan Fuyan
$18 | 16 oz
Natural Process
Mandarin Acidity
Creamy Body
Oolong Tea Finish

Ethiopa | Sidamao-Ardi
$18 | 16 oz
Natural Process
Sweet Hazelnut Aroma
Rose Hip
Bright Acidity


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