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10/11/20 Wedding Coffee Catering | Custom Napkins & Cups | Lattes On Location

Don’t Hate the Christmas Aisle in August!

When I walk into Hobby Lobby in the August heat and see Fall Colors…I am excited! I pretend that it’s cool outside and mentally check my inventory of sweaters for fall. I admit it’s a little escapism, but when you live through Texas summers it’s ok to let the A/C cool your thoughts and body – and go ahead and get a fall scented candle while you are at it!

A Reminder for the Holiday Season

So this year, when you stroll around your favorite store in August or September and see Christmas stuff…don’t cringe. Let it be a not-so-subtle reminder that you need to hire your event professionals for the holidays now! I promise if you wait until November (when your house is cleaned and ready to decorate) there will be some of your favorite vendors that you would love to be at your party that will be fully booked, and have to send you that email from the regrets template.

Only Two Saturdays in December Before Christmas!

Also in 2021, with Christmas on a Saturday, there are really ONLY TWO Saturdays left in December for parties before Christmas!

Holiday Themed Hot Chocolate Bar

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