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How Lattes on Location Became a Franchise Opportunity

How Lattes on Location Became a Franchise Opportunity

It’s January of 2018. Paul and I found out there was a Franchise Expo in downtown Dallas and we decided to go check it out. What could that hurt? It was a field trip, one of those “Fun Friday” kinds of trips downtown. We weren’t looking for a new business, a life change, or an investment. We viewed this as a discovery, talking to franchisors and franchisees and asking them firsthand about their experience.

The questions were in our mind: “Is franchising a good option for Lattes on Location? How do we grow? Should we do something else?”

How Lattes on Location Became a Franchise Opportunity

Life Change It Is

We met Tom DuFore from the Big Sky Franchise Team.

This began a (long) process of creating a franchise product from our business. The experienced team at Big Sky took us through the process of franchising step by step. It’s a long process with a lot of details! Replicating a business is all about understanding the brand and staying true to it. We can tell you more details about our operations manual, trademarking, our incredible dedicated team, and the hours of analysis to choose the right locations! That’s all part of franchising a small business, and we are so glad for our partners at Big Sky and all their help.

Why did we choose to franchise? Well, we love what we do so much. Every single day we have clients or their guests tell us what a brilliant idea this espresso/coffee catering is. How much fun would it be to duplicate it and share the joy, the coffee, the relationships? We want to share the whole business to people who would benefit the same way we have over the last sixteen+ years!

Where will Lattes on Location be Next?

After working with Big Sky for 18 months we had the platform in place to try our first target city: Houston, TX. So we headed down to Houston on October third with a booth for the Houston Franchise Expo. We got to visit with hundreds of people and shared what we do!

Check out these pictures of our booth and our sightseeing in Houston. Gracie, Paul and I had a blast, serving small samples and connecting over coffee, just like we do on a daily basis for our clients.

Want to come visit with us about franchises? Our next trade show is scheduled for Nashville, TN in March 2020. But if you are in an urban area that you would like to investigate this proven business model for, let us know!

Email us at for more information.

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