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Cool Times with Smoothies & Frappes

Back when we had our coffee shop, 2004 – 2005, we started the journey of exploring the world that is Specialty Coffee.

When you have a shop, you get to create all kinds of new flavors, explore different products, and discover what you like to eat and drink!

We inherited some menu items like boba, jasmine green tea, and flavored coffee beans. I still love boba! But we just don’t sell it anymore.

We also did fruit smoothies with a green tea base and we liked the concentrated juice product. We only had to mix with ice and water to create delicious ice-cold smoothies. Plus it converted to the catering world very easily. But we were disappointed when the product we were using switched to include fructose corn syrup as the main ingredient and took OUT the green tea. The smoothies tasted good, but all the redeeming qualities had been removed. We didn’t feel good about that.

Finding the Right Smoothie Mixture for our Catering Service

So we searched for a better alternative every time we would go to a trade show; Coffee Fest, SCA Event, or other coffee extravaganzas.

There are a lot out there!

After searching intensely, we found our mix. It uses only fruit juice, no high fructose corn syrup, no additional sugar added to the flavors we feature. What makes this even better is that they add a lot of great antioxidants, fiber, superpowers (we wish!), etc.

If you are going to drink something that will likely give you a brain freeze you might as well deliver good nutrients too!

Smoothie & Frappe | Mobile Bar | 100% Fruit & Packed with Antioxidants
100% Fruit & Packed with Antioxidants
Smoothie & Frappe | Mobile Bar | Summer Strawberry Smoothie
Summer Strawberry Smoothie
Smoothie & Frappe | Mobile Bar | Mellow Mango Smoothie topped with Strawberry flavor
Mellow Mango Smoothie topped with Strawberry flavor

Icy Frappes made with Real Espresso

And just a quick note about frappes. If they don’t have real espresso in the mix…why bother?? We only make our frappes using real espresso and fabulous Ghirardelli flavors.

Maybe that is our Superpower! Oh, and we call it LOL Smoothies…from Lattes On Location.

Smoothie & Frappe | Mobile Bar | Mocha Frappe
Mocha Frappe
Smoothie & Frappe | Mobile Bar | Mocha Frappe topped with Cinnamon
Mocha Frappe topped with Cinnamon
Smoothie & Frappe | Mobile Bar | White Mocha Frappe topped with Caramel
White Mocha Frappe topped with Caramel

Get a Catering Quote for Your Event

If you are looking to serve icy drinks like our Smoothie & Frappe bar for an event you are planning, give us a call today!

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