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Lattes on Location | August Events

Lattes on Location on College, Spas, & Coworking

What kind of a blog title is that, you may ask? It’s just a normal month at Lattes on Location! One of the best parts of our business is the variety of events and venues that we have the opportunity to serve in. The people we get to meet (THE BEST) and of course, the coffee. We really have to taste test, it’s a professional responsibility that we take seriously! Quality Control, people!

August Events - UNT College of Business

UNT College of Business

The Lattes team had the opportunity to serve one of our menu combination bars for the UNT College of Business faculty. We offered the Espresso Bar with Italian Cream Sodas and Cold Brew Coffee selections! Inspiration for change comes from many different sources. We actually brought some extra decor for this event (one of the perks!) because it coordinated with their event invitations. We just happen to have an old coffee grinder similar to the one they had on their poster, so we brought it along. We were also inspired recently when watching The Profit on television Marcus Lemonis worked with a catering company and had them take their presentation up a notch by adding decorative items that fit with the client’s field…so we brought business books and our Edison lightbulb, made into a sign! Inspiration can strike just about anywhere, right? It was great to have our newly graduated DBU alumnus, Gracie, and our current UNT student Victor, as baristas on hand at this event.

August Events - Capital Factory

The Capital Factory

That bright idea lightbulb decor also fit in well at the Capital Factory event where we served from our espresso bar in their beautiful coworking space. We met some brilliant (and beautiful) people. I love the atmosphere of collaboration at the Capital Factory and the Dallas Entrepreneur Center. It is so cool watching these individuals drive innovation and see their ideas for business get off the ground. I look forward to returning! If you’re looking for a coworking space be sure to check out their Dallas CoWorking room!

August Events - Capital Factory
August Events - Surface Skin Spa

Surface Skin Spa

We also had the opportunity to visit Surface Skin Spa for a client appreciation, promotion, and marketing party. This was such a great setup, complete with cupcakes and glitter! We simply provided the connection over coffee and initiated some welcoming smiles.

Fall is Coming…

Fall means only one thing in the latte world…you guessed it! Pumpkin flavoring EVERYWHERE! Pumpkin PIE lattes will be available starting…now…upon request at events and at Northplace Coffee Bar on the weekends! I look forward to taste testing this one too – hey, quality control! Be sure to schedule Lattes on Location for your event this fall and ask us to serve this beloved favorite.

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