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Lattes on Demand at Small Office Events

Lattes on Demand for Small Office Events

Small Office Events - ESRP Team

Lattes for the ESRP Team

Lattes for the ESRP team at The Star in Frisco is always fun! We love the view of the Cowboys practice field. And to be honest, after we transform the break room into a coffee shop atmosphere, we feel like it was built just for us!

Small Office Events - Armor Espresso Bar

Armor Security Espresso Bar

During our Espresso Bar setup, the security folks at Armor patiently hover in anticipation of creamy, freshly brewed espresso.

Small Office Events - Yeah, Baby

Espresso? Yeah, Baby

Talk about a niche market. Progyny connects with employees by bringing in Lattes on Location to serve up creamy, flavored espresso. The 14th story view is even more enjoyable with a Cortado in one hand and a luscious mini pastry in the other!

Small Office Events - Lattes on Location
Small Office Events - Nissan

Nissan Hot Chocolate Bar

This was our largest Hot Chocolate Bar event in December! We morphed into the space provided for us by Nissan’s Corporate office in Irving then crafted and served over 800 hot chocolate beverages for Nissan’s employees.

Small Office Events - KidKraft Toys

KidKraft Toys Spooky Lattes

Nothing pairs better with one of our lattes than a cream filled, pumpkin iced  Halloween donut at KidKraft Headquarters!

Small Office Events - TripActions Regulars

Just the Usual at TripActions

Lattes On Location can be found at TripActions in Dallas twice a week serving up their usual hand crafted lattes & signature drinks. We love regularly making TripActions employees feel appreciated and caffeinated! They are so alert and productive.

Small Office Events - Smocked Auctions

A Cosy Smocked Auctions Break

We don’t mind squeezing in to Smocked Auctions’ cozy break room and exuding coffee shop aromas for this office event. We have setup in smaller spaces before; try a filing cabinet!

We love to help create fun, festive office events!

Whether you are in charge of bringing the office together for the monthly birthday event, or welcoming the new CEO to town, Lattes On Location can help. Choose from our mobile espresso bar, hot chocolate bar, smoothie bar, or create the perfect combination to spread coffee happiness around your company. Contact us for a quote today for your office event.

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