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Mobile Hot Chocolate Bar | Hand Crafted Marshmallows

Hot Chocolate Bar Catering | Winter Events with Whip!

We’ve been doing our mobile espresso bar catering since 2003. Coffee is a common request for any work event, meeting, or convention with early mornings!

Over the last several years, we’ve added and removed services from Lattes on Location. We like to try new things! We are proud of our growth and the many adventures we’ve had in Dallas, Fort Worth, and beyond.

Our fabulous business was born after discovering a portable espresso machine, so many other accompanying ideas sprouted as well. And one of them was: Mobile. Hot. Chocolate. Bar.

But not just a hot chocolate bar. Anyone could do that. We teamed up with local culinary artist, Brianna Johnson, who makes handmade, custom marshmallows and designed a beverage bar centered around hot chocolate.

What’s Included in the Hot Chocolate Bar of Your Dreams?

Hot Chocolate Bar | Yes, with Sprinkles!

This hot chocolate bar is a little different than your typical Pinterest post on hot chocolate. For starters, there are no bowls of sprinkles, whipped cream, or sauces for your guests to pour on. Although I’ll admit, it’s cute and fun, especially if you are the first person to scoop into the sprinkles, it can get a bit messy after that! We use our assembly line of baristas to design and handcraft the chocolate of your dreams.

Each guest gets to select what kind of chocolate they’d like: sweet chocolate, white chocolate, or sometimes we offer “fudgie” (kind of like a chocolate/chocolate chip muffin, what is already chocolate, add fudge sauce, too – it’s super chocolate).

We steam the milk (or almond milk), whip in the chocolate, and offer additional flavoring: peppermint, coconut, vanilla, or hazelnut.

This season I discovered lavender hot chocolate. I love it. I’m still trying to describe it. Understated, subtle, but definitely a note that changes the sweetness and enhances the drink.

Then we put a little cloud of whipped cream and set those marshmallows on top. Delicious!

And yes, sometimes there are sprinkles.

Hot Chocolate Bar Parties & Events in DFW

We served over 1,400 hot chocolates in December alone throughout events in Dallas and Fort Worth. People booked Lattes on Location for their birthday parties, parties with cookie decorating, meeting Santa, Mrs. Claus storytime, Christmas caroling around the neighborhood, a college event in a jewelry store, a sorority party, company holiday parties, an apartment mixer, and more.

If you watch local TV, you’ll recognize some of these celebrities we were lucky enough to snap a photo with! We had the opportunity to serve at a class fund raiser for The Hockaday School at the WFAA TV Studio. We love seeing the creativity in the events we go to.  A company CEO delivered hot chocolate to their customer service reps (we even helped them create a vegan hot chocolate!) The senior class of girls from one school had a party with the kindergarten class, to hand off a tradition of gathering.

We always have hot chocolate on our espresso menu, but we don’t have any espresso on our hot chocolate menu! Contact us to create the perfect menu selections for your next event.

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