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I really love days when they say that coffee IS indeed good for you!

Today the news is trending that drinking MORE coffee, not some, is actually going to help you live longer! Read about it here

That is always encouraging to hear. I want to wear a T-shirt today that says, I told you so! or I KNEW IT!!

I don’t drink lots of it. Daily, I drink some, but not lots. Some of my friends have me on that. But I do stick to drinking good coffee.



Drink Coffee


And I do tend to make it wherever I go…for work, anyway.

Kind of makes me feel like a superhero today, but really, you are the superhero when you bring Lattes On Location as the best coffee break ever.

Bring me to your office and I’ll make great beverages, hot or cold, for your whole department!

It’s super easy, you let me know what you need, and we bring it in, set it up, serve it and leave you with colleagues that are alert, enthusiastic and efficient. (individual results may vary)

latte ready espresso bar

best break ever at this repeat client’s latte bar

I know you can pick up coffee in a box and bagels in a bag, and that’s all cool. But individually made craft drinks like a flat white, a cappuccino, or even some sweetness like a mocha or chai latte,  you just can’t carry that in and set it on the table. This presents the opportunity for conversation, connection and caffeination all in one. And the service is stellar.

And now that it is linked to being a life preserving, life lengthening measure, too, well it is time to call me. Or Get a quote Here

But what about at home?

Good Coffee Tip of the Day:

Be sure you use filtered water when you brew! Just because your water is getting heated doesn’t mean the flavor of the water improves. If it doesn’t taste good cold, it’s not going to taste good in coffee.


Mobile Coffee Bar Services

Mobile Coffee Bar Services


Remember: Lattes On Location is a step up in hospitality!


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