It’s always a new thing.

With a very old thing. Together. Like vintage furniture in a modern loft. Stunning, right?

So it is here at the Lattes On Location office, while I write on a very old, but almost refurbished desk, my first blog in this new setting. My other blogs are old and irregular, just kind of lost out there like my old websites, a bit of history.

This is the fourth website we’ve done for in the 14 years we’ve been in business. Every time we update it’s an exciting roll out. So thankful for Tangram Sky Interactive and their SEO expertise, website skills, and great communication, this is going to be the best yet.

I’m going to highlight recent events so that you can add to your ideas for your own events, or your business building ideas.

Lattes on Location Catering- EY@SMU

This week I want to show you a couple of pictures from an event we did at SMU for EY.

They were expecting 200 people for this graduate recruiting event, so we had an espresso bar and our Italian Cream Soda/Cold Brew Coffee Bar. (We didn’t do the gorgeous cookies, but we sampled them!)

It was great to team up with the planners from EY, and be on the beautiful SMU campus.Having the two different bars with separate menu options meant that a large group could be served more quickly.

We also worked with their branding. They had their own cups, so we provided the heart.

We were able to have this set up in about 30 minutes time, and stayed to serve for 2 hours. These gourmet cookies were equally delicious with the cold brew, or the cappuccino. Something for everyone!

Lattes on Location Catering- EY@SMU
Lattes on Location Catering- Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is Teacher’s Appreciation week, we will be in and out of a dozen schools with Smoothie Bars or Latte Bars, or combinations. Let me tell you, there isn’t much more esteem building than having a room full of teachers tell you what a good idea you had (this business of bringing them lattes…)! I may or may not be a teachers pet for life.

And I’m going to close with one coffee making tip for you at home

Don’t put your coffee in the freezer. The bringing it in and out of the freezer is not good for it.

Moisture is not a thing for your coffee until you add it after it’s ground and you are about to drink it! But just enough coffee for the week, or better yet, have a roaster send it straight to your house every week. (try Eiland Coffee Roasters, Oak Cliff Coffee or Cultivar Coffee, they will send it right out to you.) The vacuum seals in the coffee bag should be good for a couple weeks, after you open it, keep it in an airtight canister at room temperature.

Then put it in your favorite mug!



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Lattes On Location Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week at Local Schools