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Intelligentsia Coffee Shop - Chicago

I am Infatuated with Coffee Shops!

Who isn’t? Even if you don’t like coffee, the whole atmosphere created in a coffee shop transcends the taste buds and shoots for the heart.

We love to connect, to taste, smell, and savor the experience. Recently we took a short vacation to Chicago, to see family, and to see Hamilton.

Above is my Papa bear, Mama Bear, Baby Bear coffee photo from Intelligentsia in Chicago. We were right around the corner from the theater on our way to see Hamilton. (three months later the music is still playing in my head)

Intelligentsia Coffee Shop - Cappucino

I had the one in the middle;
usually the perfect fit for me is a cappuccino.

Intelligentsia shops mean business. In my experience their baristas are trained so well and hit the mark with espresso every time. You’ll see in these hearts, a crisp contrast which highlights that microfoam…so smooth. I love the depth of the espresso in there.

Great lineup, yeah?

Coffee Brewing Resource

Another thing I love about Intelligentsia is their website. I use it as a resource for brewing methods. They have a lot of youtube video How-tos.

When you want to try a new one, or you haven’t used a particular method for a while, these are very consistent and good quality.

The Chemex tutorial is one of my go-tos.

If you have the chance to see Hamilton … do it … right after you stop at Intelligentsia.

Intelligentsia Coffee Shop - Chemex Tutorial
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